Superintendent: 'Our Kids Earned Their Way onto the Playoff Field'

Mayfield Schools responds to the court decision that nearly put Mayfield's football team out of the playoffs

Editor's note: The following statement was issued by Mayfield Schools

“Here’s the bottom line. Our kids earned their way onto the playoff field because they were selected by the Ohio High School Athletic Association based on their season record,” said Superintendent Keith Kelly. “The Wildcats, our athletes, our coaches, our parents have become collateral damage in a court ruling which, quite frankly, makes no sense. Mayfield earned its way onto the playoff field. We were invited to play by the OHSAA.”

On October 28th OHSAA announced the names of the teams who would play in the Division 1 regional quarterfinals. Proudly, the Mayfield Wildcats were among the top 8 teams to earn a spot.
Two days later, Cleveland Heights filed a lawsuit to block the OHSAA’s playoff roster. Their claim was Cleveland Heights should be in the playoffs due to a voluntary forfeit by Cleveland’s JFK high school earlier in the season. The forfeiture is not recognized by OHSAA and therefore could not be considered when naming playoff teams.

On Thursday, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Richard McMonagle issued a temporary restraining order against OHSAA related to the forfeit. The decision knocked the Mayfield Wildcats out of the playoffs and let Cleveland Heights in.

Superintendent Kelly, Mayfield Athletic Director Mike Barnes and a team of lawyers currently are meeting to file a motion to intervene with the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court to defend Mayfield’s right to take to the playoff field. The OHSAA stands by their roster of teams to participate in the playoffs which includes the Mayfield Wildcats

“We stand by our players and coaches and will fight for them for a fair and just outcome,” said Superintendent Kelly. “In the end it may be the Ohio Supreme Court which has the final word.”


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