Ohio State Football: Buckeyes Go to California as No. 4

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Photo Credit: Rick Uldricks
Photo Credit: Rick Uldricks
By: Todd Richissin

The more Ohio State wins, the more they lose in the rankings.

Coming off their 42-7 pummeling of San Diego State, the Buckeyes dropped from No. 3 to No. 4 in the college football rankings, behind Alabama, Oregon and Clemson. At the start of the season Ohio State was No. 2.

They’re  on the road Saturday to take on Cal, which has managed to stumble its way to a 1-1 record, and the college betting lines show the Buckeyes heavy favorites.

We’ve got ourselves a night game this week: 7 p.m., on Fox.

If you want to watch it in the Mayfield area, here are a few places you’ll find like-minded football fiends:


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