Good News: Browns are in First Place!

Bad News: They’re also tied for last.

The Cleveland Browns are pictured. Photo Credit: Andrew Lappin.
The Cleveland Browns are pictured. Photo Credit: Andrew Lappin.

By: Todd Richissin

The Baltimore Ravens, aka the one Cleveland team to win a championship since 1964 — just not in Cleveland — looked pretty awful in their opener last week against the Denver Broncos.

That’s good. What’s bad? The Browns looked pretty awful themselves in their opener against the Miami Dolphins.

With the Steelers and Bengals also falling in their openers, though, the glass half-full says the Browns are tied for first place. The half-empty glass says they’re tied for last.

Let’s go half-full. At least until the 1 o’clock game is over.

Want to cheer with fellow fans of futility? Here’s where you can watch the game in the Mayfield area:


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