Superintendent Reviews Mayfield City Schools' Safety Procedures

The Mayfield City School District superintendent reminds parents of the measures the school takes to protect students and issues a statement about the crisis at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.

Superintendent Keith Kelly issued a formal statement today regarding the Mayfield City School District's safety and crisis procedures implemented to protect the students and faculty on the school's website.

According to the statment, the school has enhanced safety training in the past three months. Local authorities have reviewed safety procedures and collaborated with the Mayfield City Schools Safety Committee to ensure each child's safety if an event occurs.

Kelly said that the school has locked all exterior entrances to the school. In addition to surveillance cameras, visitors are to be buzzed into school buildings.

A statement regarding how to talk to your children about school violence followed. For more information and to see ways on how to cope with the stress in the aftermath of a school shooting visit the Mayfield School's website.


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