School Snow Closings: Here's How Mayfield Decides

Whether to stay open is a tough call, superintendent says.

How do district officials make the hard decision whether bad weather should close Mayfield City Schools?

The choice affect thousands of people, from the administration, teaching staff and other employees to the working parents of young students who may need to make emergency child care arrangements.

“The weather patterns here in Cleveland, along Lake Erie and near the Snow Belt can be down‐right unpredictable,” district Superintendent Keith Kelly said in an article on the district's web site. “The decision to stay open or to closed is a tough one. We make the best decision based on the most accurate information we have at that time."

When heavy snow, arctic temperatures or an ice storm hit, the decision-making process usually starts about 2 a.m. Conversations begin among area superintendents, transportation officials and grounds crews -- all of whom are keeping an eye on the National Weather Service, according to the article.

The first consideration is whether the weather will impact the safety of students, bus drivers and staff. If so, officials then ponder other questions such as: 

• Are roads passable?

• Are temperatures safe for students to walk?

• What is the wind chill forecast?

• How is the visibility?

• What is the extended weather forecast?

• Are school parking lots and sidewalks passable?

Typically, the district will decide and announce its decision by 6 a.m.

Cancellations can be found on Mayfield’s website, Twitter and Facebook page as well as on local news stations and Mayfield-Hillcrest Patch.


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