Millridge Pajama Drive a Success

The school's children collected hundreds of pajamas for those in need.

This week Millridge Elementary Teacher Kelly Sanelli will be dropping off 463 pairs of pajamas collected by the Millridge and MCHI students, staff and local businesses for those in need. With a matching donation from Carter's the total donation will be 926 pajamas.

The campaign ended Nov. 19 and was primarily for the Hurricane Sandy victims. However, in light of an overwhelming response, the student's efforts may benefit Cleveland area families.

“The Pajama Program is experiencing an overflow of pajama's in the East. So our donations will help others in need,” said Sanelli who was happy with the success of the drive.

Overall Sanelli said the drive taught the children life lessons.

“It opened their eyes. Especially the older students were able to realize there are people that don't have as much as I do,” she said.

Sanelli discovered the national program while searching the Scholastic website. The tangibility of the donation, compared to sending money, was one of the reasons why she thought it would be a campaign that could double as a learning experience. Scholastic collaborated with the non-profit Pajama Program and matched pajama donations with books.

“It was simple and made sense for them to understand that some kids are cold at night and it prompted conversations about the hurricane,” said Sanelli.

The non-profit Pajama Program and Scholastic are continuing to collect donations for Hurricane Sandy victims and needy families throughout the nation. More information visit www.Pajamaprogram.org or www.Scholastic.com.



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