Mayfield Schools Launches Kindness Program

Kind behavior will be rewarded with "For the Love of Mayfield" hand bands

The green hand bands seen around Mayfields Schools are more than just an in-style accessory.

The district's academic boosters group recently purchased and delivered 2,500 green bands in honor of a four week program entitled, CAT — Caring Actively Together.

The initiative is a response to school shootings and bullying incidents reported across the country in recent years. According to the district's website, CAT encourages students and staff to recognize kind behavior. Whenever a student witnesses another exhibiting kindness, both will receive one of the green bands inscribed with the words, “For the Love of Mayfield.”

“We are striving for an atmosphere of kindness, respect and academic excellence,” Therese Razzante, president of the Mayfield Academic Boosters, said. “Actively caring and paying it forward are both positive actions that can change a culture. That’s our goal – for the Love of Mayfield.”

The program is inspired by Virginia Tech’s “Actively Caring 4 People” program.

“We decided to have a proactive approach against bullying behavior,” Razzante said. “We’re asking students to tell on the good behavior they see.”


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