Gates Mills Village Mayor Election 2011: Shawn M. Riley

As part of our election coverage, Hillcrest Patch will provide profiles of candidates for local office.

Editor's Note: As part of Hillcrest Patch's election coverage, we will provide profiles of each of the candidates running for local office. These profiles will offer biographical and issue-oriented details about each of the candidates to help you, the voters, make more-informed decisions at the ballot box. Stay tuned for more coverage of the election.

Name: Shawn M. Riley

Age: 50

Occupation: Attorney

Education: B.A. Kent State University, J.D. Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Political affiliation: Republican

Office sought: Mayor

Previous political office sought or held: Council, 2002 to present

Statement: I have served as a member of village council since 2002. I have, during that time, had the opportunity to work with some outstanding individuals. I have likewise played a role in many of the major actions the village has taken during that period, including the development of the downtown district, the updating of our zoning ordinances, the selection of our new police chief and the development of well drilling guidelines. I have enjoyed both the work I have done over the years and the opportunity to serve the village and its residents.

I have decided to run for mayor because I believe that the next mayor must be prepared to tackle new challenges armed with experience and the ability to work with others. The revenue available to pay for services in the village has already started to decline as reduced real estate values translate into reduced revenue. Similarly, cuts in state funds and the possible elimination of the estate tax will lead to further reduction in the funds available to us. None of us wants to see a decrease in services or the quality of those services. To maintain the level of services we expect, without raising taxes, will take creativity and a team effort.

Gates Mills Village requires and deserves leaders who can work together and can offer more than vague promises and cute statements. I believe that my time on Council gives me an understanding of our village, its strengths and the changes that will be needed to confront further challenges. And I likewise believe that the relationships that I have built will allow me to provide the leadership to guide the village over the next four years.

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