Future Rep. Dave Joyce on his Campaign, his Career and Bringing “Civility” to Congress

The Congressman-elect took some time this week to talk to students about representing Northeast Ohio.

On Thursday, students in the 14th Congressional District had the chance to quiz future Rep. Dave Joyce on his career, his campaign and his plans for the future. 

Joyce, speaking to students in Brecksville, focused on the importance of working with members of all parties and said that his decisions will be based on what’s best for Northeast Ohio.

Joyce, a Republican, was elected on Nov. 6 to represent Ohio's 14th district in the House of Representatives, which stretches from Cuyahoga County all the way to Lake and Portage counties, including Solon. He replaces long-time Rep. Steven LaTourette, who decided to retire instead of run for re-election.

Some of the students' questions are paraphrased below, along with Joyce's answers. 

Who or what made him want to run?

“You did,” Joyce told the student. He said he wants the chance to stand up for the people of the 14th district and the rest of Northeast Ohio.

What is he looking forward to in office?

“Making sure the system works,” Joyce said. 

He added that he will bring professionalism to the office and that he wants to help bring back “civility” to the House. It’s important for the parties to collaborate, he said, giving “Obamacare” as an example. It’s the law of the land now, and the country needs to work together to make it work. 

How much time will he spend in his district in Ohio?

“As much as I can.”

Why did he choose to run during this last campaign?

Joyce sought the nomination after Steven LaTourette announced that he was stepping down. He said he liked the idea of having a shorter campaign—when he ran, he was the prosecuting attorney for Geauga County. He wouldn’t have wanted to neglect that office while running a two-year campaign.

How will he create jobs?

“Government doesn’t create jobs,” Joyce said. Government creates the environment that allows jobs to be created. He hopes to work to decrease regulations and level the field for everyone. 

How will his experience as a prosecuting attorney help him in Congress?

Attorneys have to be able to analyze the facts that are presented to them. That skill will especially help with his appointment to the appropriations committee, where it’s important to know the material well and be able to ask detailed questions, he said. 


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