2 Wards Supported School Bond Issue, 2 Defeated It

Issue 116 won in 19 precincts, lost in 16 and tied in 1


Voters in Strongsville's Ward 4 gave the heartiest endorsement to Issue 116, the bond issue for the Strongsville schools, while Ward 3 gave it the least support.

Unofficial figures from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections show the issue passed with 53 percent of the vote in Ward 4 and with 51 percent in Ward 2.

In Ward 3, about 47.8 percent voted yes, and in Ward 1, 48.4 percent did.

While the measure appeared after Election Day to have won by 3 votes, the outcome won't be known until the rest of the absentee votes and some 698 provisional ballots are counted.

Those results are expected Friday, Nov. 16.

In raw numbers, precinct breakdowns show that:

• In Ward 1, the issue went down by 165 votes, 2,465 to 2,630. Five precincts voted yes and four voted no.

• In Ward 2, the issue passed in 6 of the 9 precincts and won by 136 votes, 3,118 to 2,982.

• In Ward 3, only 2 of the 9 precincts supported the levy, which lost by 259 votes. Tally was 2,747 yes and 3,006 no.

• In Ward 4, 6 precincts approved the issue, 2 voted it down and it tied in Precinct 4F. Overall in Ward 4, it was ahead by 316 votes, 2,892 to 2,576.

A precinct in Columbia Township that lies in the Strongsville School District voted down the issue handily, with 32 votes against and 7 for.

According to the breakdowns, 1,975 Strongsville voters who cast ballots did not vote on Issue 116.

A ward map is attached to this story. 

lyn November 13, 2012 at 08:17 PM
Debbie- Did you mean to write Ward 3, not Ward 4, voted 47.8% yes?
Debbie Palmer November 13, 2012 at 08:49 PM
Lyn, you are absolutely right -- I typed the wrong number. I just corrected it. Thanks so much for catching it and letting me know!


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