RTA #Uppercut Trials Delayed

Attorneys for former bus driver and the passenger he punched seek time to gather more evidence.

A Shaker Heights Municipal Court judge has granted motions to delay the trials of Artis Hughes and Shidea Lane.

The two were involved in a fight that turned physical — which was recorded on a cell phone and later became a viral video — on an RTA bus in Beachwood last fall.

Lane, 25, reportedly boarded RTA #5 bus Sept. 18 without paying. A dispute began that ended in the notorious uppercut delivered by Hughes, who was driving the bus.

Lane and Hughes were criminally charged following the incident. 

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Hughes' jury trial on an assault charge was scheduled to begin Jan 25, but the case was delayed to Feb. 28 per a joint request by the defense and the prosecution so more evidence could be gathered. Lane, whose trial was set for Feb. 14, is now scheduled to face a judge May 2.

Artis was fired from the RTA following the incident and his union is fighting for his job. Arbitration is pending.


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