Police Blotter: Man Makes Too Many Calls to Police

Information supplied by the Mayfield Heights Police Department

A man was arrested for calling the Mayfield Heights Police Department’s 911 line one too many times after being thrown out of the Boneyard during the evening of Oct. 27.

The man had called requesting a cab. He said he was mad at the police but requested they be sent over to the Boneyard using very explicit language. An officer told him not to call 911 unless it’s an emergency.

A half-hour later, the man called 911 three more additional times and was arrested. Between his getting tossed out of the Boneyard and being arrested, two other men got in a fight with one being arrested for disorderly conduct.

Fire: The living room of a Commonwealth Avenue home caught on fire the morning of Oct. 28. The wife, who was at the home with her husband, called in the fire and attempted to get him out of the house and was able to do so. Firefighters blocked off Commonwealth at Franklin Blvd.

The fire was put out shortly after the initial call. The city’s fire chief spoke to the husband who said the fire was started when a candle was knocked over and into a can of paint. The husband and wife were the only two people home. Both were transported to Hillcrest Hospital. Commonwealth was reopened just after noon.

Employee theft: A woman who works at Walmart was arrested for stealing from the store the morning of Oct. 26.

iPhone stolen: A man reported having his iPhone stolen while he was a Chuck E. Cheese the afternoon of Oct. 28.


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