No Fatalities Or Injuries But Lots of Damage From Sandy

Updated: 5:30 p.m.: Portion of Chagrin River Road closed due to flooding.

Storm damage resulting from the superstorm Sandy has resulted in flooding, falling trees and power outages throughout the Mayfield-Hillcrest area, but no fatalities. The cities and villages provided their assessments of the damages earlier on Tuesday.

Gates Mills  

 The village reported no injuries, but a home on Riverview Road had its roof struck by a tree overnight, the police department said.  

 Gates and Riverview Roads have been shut down because of downed power lines and trees, Lt. Ron Whitmer of the Gates Mills police department said.

 Residents on Fox Hill Drive, Blackberry Lane, Saddleback Lane, Gates Mills Blvd., and Sugar Brush Lane are awaiting CEI arrival to help turn on the power.

 A portion of Chagrin River Road between Berkshire and Deerfield Roads became flooded and was closed around 4:45 a.m. Tuesday, but Chagrin River has receded. Once the service department cleans the area, the road will reopen, Whitmer said.

 “We’re looking good at this point,” Whitmer said. “Just waiting for that power to come back on and CEI to get out here and deal with those areas where the wires are down. We’ll get things opened up as soon as they do.”

 Given the extent of storm’s impact in Northeast Ohio, Whitmer was unable to determine exactly when CEI might be able to handle the outages.


Mayfield Heights:

A tree went through a part of a roof of an Elmwood Drive home before 7 p.m. Monday, the fire department said.  Tim Bynane, shift captain of the Mayfield Heights Fire Department, said the power company servicing that area was expected to service the home Tuesday.

Bynane said Enfield Drive, Larchmont Drive, Stafford Drive, Peeper Hollow Lane have been without power since 6 p.m. Monday. There is no word on when power will be restored to the homes. Peeper Hollow is the city's only closed road, with about 10 homes.

Overall, there have been several falling trees, which hit power lines and sporadic power outages in the city, Bynane said.

“It’s a little dangerous in the middle of the night when you’re looking for down wires because you can’t see anything with pouring rain. Other than that, it’s a little better now because you can see,” Bynane said.

Highland Heights:

Miner Rd. and Strumbly Drive are closed with downed power lines, and the city didn’t immediately know when those roads would reopen, the city’s fire department said.

The city began experiencing sporadic power outages beginning at 5:30 p.m. Monday, but most services have returned to normal this morning. Highland Rd. was closed overnight beginning around 10 p.m. but reopened this morning.

The city has also experienced downed trees and flooding, but no one has been injured, the fire department said.

“Knock on wood. We haven’t had any major problems. It’s minor-nuisance-type (damage). Of course, to the people it happens to, it’s not a nuisance, but nothing life-threatening or anything,” Lt. John Zehe of the Highland Heights Fire Department said.

No falling trees have damaged homes in the city.

Mayfield Village:

Residents on Sandalwood, Butternut and Walnut drives have been without power since 10:30 p.m. Monday when a large tree fell and knocked out a transformer.

Police Lt. Paul Jablonski said Cleveland Electric Illuminating crews are attempting to remove the tree, but there is no definitive timetable on when the power will be restored. The roads are open but will likely be closed during the tree’s removal, Jablonski said.

The village has flooding, but no streets have been closed.

"We have uprooted trees in a variety of areas, but luckily, we have no injuries reported. It’s just a matter of cleanup when the storm (ends),” Jablonski said.


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