No Charges Filed Against Stabbing Suspect

Matthew Cepik remains in critical condition at Hillcrest Hospital after being hit by a truck in Solon.

The suspect identified in the stabbing of three people Labor Day morning at Golden Gate Villa remains in critical condition, as do two of the three victims.

A box truck hit Matthew Cepik, an Iraqi War veteran, after he ran in front of Route 422 traffic in Solon around 7:40 a.m. Monday. That was about two hours after one of the victims told Mayfield Heights Police that he stabbed his former girlfriend, her mother and a male family friend. The incident remains under investigation and charges have not been filed against Cepik, who is staying at Hillcrest Hospital.

The male victim is in stable condition at MetroHealth Hospital in Cleveland, while the women are in critical condition at Hillcrest, according to Mayfield Police.


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