'Dead' Person in Car; Man Hit with Hammer: Northeast Ohio Police Blotters

A round-up of incidents from area departments

By: Debbie Palmer

Here is a round-up of Police Blotter items from Patch communities in Northeast Ohio this week.

Seeing Dead People?

A passerby reported seeing a car in a Strongsville parking lot Sept. 25 with a dead person — or maybe a dummy — inside.

Police found it was a Halloween mask draped over the passenger seat.

Road Raging

Witnesses in Westlake frantically called 911 after seeing an altercation between a man in a truck and a motorcyclist at the intersection of Columbia and 

Columbia and Detroit roads.

Reports say the motorcyclist went up to the truck and pounded on the window. The driver responded by getting out and hitting the other man in the head with a hammer.

Witnesses said both men were bleeding.

A 60-year-old Westlake man was transported to St. John Medical Center for treatment of a shoulder injury. A 56-year-old Avon man was interviewed about the incident.

The incident is still under investigation.

Culprit Identified, But No Arrest 

A Strongsville resident told police someone has been randomly letting the air out of her tires for four years.

An officer who checked reported that the car had very old tires. "She was advised to get new tires and this should alleviate the problem," the report said.

Scam Costs Man $35,000

a Mentor man reported a burglary of items worth about $35,000 from his home.

A diamond ring, rare gold coins and several old $100 bills were taken from his bedroom, according to the Mentor Police Department's Facebook page. The man discovered the theft shortly after a woman knocked on his door and claimed to be a representative of a tree-trimming service.

The man's home health aide saw a man leave one of the rooms in the home, indicating the woman at the door served as a distraction while her accomplice slipped into the house unnoticed.

Hairstyle Helps Locate Shoplifter

Fairlawn police went looking for a man with his hair in a bun who allegedly stole items from Acme Sept. 28.

A report said an officer spotted a man with a bun getting on a Metro bus and detained him. 

The man admitted to taking meat and socks from Acme. Police also found meat from Earth Fare in Fairlawn in the man's bag.


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