Injustices and Racism 1

On June 21st of 2012 Mayfield-Hillcrest Patch printed and published online excerpts from an indictment that included me. It was a (2) count indictment not (3) counts. They alleged that I hacked into a Hospital Computer accessing identifiable patient information. What I did was, use the password of a woman I was dating that worked at the hospital to listen to (1) voicemail message). She was afraid of being investigated herself so with the help of her sister(a federal Judge) an FBI agent and a U.S. Prosecutor they made me a scapegoat to taken the focus off of her because of her inappropriate relationships with (Male) patients. By the way, I have a copy of the message that I listened to and it contained no patient info not even his name. I also have documents from the U.S. Prosecutor stating that I did not have access to a Hospital computer yet the indictment say I did. (manufactured crimes). They tried to get me incarcerated for 18 months I copped a Plea and got probation. If you were to get a copy of my handwritten statement, it will disagree with the U.S. Prosecutor's  written plea document.(again manufactured crimes).

I am working, saving my money in an effort to clear my name, legally. Prior to this incident I had no criminal record. I have never been arrested nor have I ever spent a day in jail. Any assistance will be appreciated. Thank you very much !!

Henry L. Thrasher


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