Lake Effect Snow Warning Issued For Region

Meteorologists warn that Cleveland's eastern suburbs could receive between one foot and two feet of snow between Sunday and Wednesday.

The National Weather Service has issued a lake effect snow warning for the region, warning that the eastern suburbs of Cleveland -- including the Mayfield-Hillcrest communities -- could receive as much as two feet of snow between Sunday evening and Wednesday morning.

The snow will be caused by an arctic air mass that is moving into the area.

Its cold air combined with the low pressure across the Great lakes will allow for the possibility of persistent lake effect snow across Northeast Ohio and Northwest Pennsylvania.

The snow could begin as early as Sunday evening, but it's expected to be at its worst from Monday afternoon through much of Tuesday.

The snow will also be paired with a drop in temperatures. Thermometers are expected to dip to between 4 and 20 F during through Wednesday.

Finally, a wind advisory has been issued for Sunday morning.

Wind are expected to be between 31 and 39 mph with gusts reaching between 46 and 57 mph until 7 a.m. Sunday.


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