Munchkins' Kloset Opening in Strongsville -- Probably

A small dispute over signage could slow down the store opening.

Munchkins' Kloset is reportedly ready to open a location in Strongsville Towne Centre; there's just one relatively small problem holding up the deal -- signage.

According to Strongsville's assistant law director Dan Kolick, storeowners approached the city's Board of Building Code and Zoning Appeals on Feb. 13 and requested two storefront signs.

The Board denied the request and said city ordinances only allow for one storefront sign per business. Kolick said the ownership has a few different options moving forward, and that the issue will be revisited during the next zoning appeals meeting on Feb. 27.

When and if the issue is resolved, the baby thrift store would take up three units, or about 9,000 square feet of space, between Big Lots and the Sylvan Learning Center. 

Munchkins' Kloset, which opened a location in 2002, features new and gently used clothing, toys, furniture and equipment, according to its Facebook page. 

Janet Yurcik February 15, 2013 at 06:22 PM
The city really needs to be more supportive of small business owners.This strip is set back further than any shopping center on Pearl Rd,& the businesses behind the front units are hidden.Without Pearl Rd signage, it makes finding these stores extremely difficult.The city seems to be more concerned with how Pearl Rd "looks" than helping the small businesses to flourish (which you would think they would want, as it that brings more people, & tax dollars to the city). I think a nice sign or 2 for this strip(esp. since it is well more than double the size of most shopping centers on Pearl) w/ room for all of the tenants names would look a lot nicer than all of the A-Frames & lawn signs which we are forced to put out in order to make any attempt at all in helping people find the businesses.The units behind the restaurants are empty, most likely because the city won't allow signage. I guess if it were a big corporation bringing in more money like Giant Eagle, they might be willing to bend over backwards to help, but honestly, Strongsville just doesn't care about the "little guys". It's really sad.The city really needs to step up to the plate & realize that small businesses are what makes each city unique,brings customers & dollars in, and help define a city. We've been trying for OVER a year now trying to get a permanent sign for the tenants in this strip,& the city could care less.Some ordinances need to be adjusted here-everything is NOT always black and white.
tom m February 15, 2013 at 08:25 PM
I uploaded a picture to show what pearl road might look like if the city were to listen to your idea ( you are actually right but so is the city in trying to prevent sign clutter)
Jean Williams February 15, 2013 at 10:00 PM
Tom M. sometimes one picture is worth a thousand words !!! great point


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