School of Rock Rock Rookies FREE Trial Session Tomorrow 6-7pm

We will be hosting our 2nd FREE trial session for our School of Rock Rookies Program tomorrow at our Highland Heights location from 6-7pm!
The School of Rock Rookies Program is tailored for your child grades Kindergarten to 2nd. This instruction is both innovative and unique. Often, children in the Kindergarten-2nd grade age range require a different approach than other age groups who begin at SoR. 
Enter School of Rock Rookies. Students enrolled in Rookies learn about various rock instruments, ear training, song structuring, and rhythmic patterns within a group setting. A typical Rookies class consists of an hour of games, focused skill practice, and group jams. The benefits of this program are many.  Most kids are still discovering their instrument preference at this stage, and we provide the perfect environment to explore different options. This saves Mom and Dad from making preemptive gear purchases and prepares the child for their School of Rock journey.  
Please respond or give us a call at 440-684-7625 if you and your child plan on attending. We hope to see you there!


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